The Importance of Accounting

Functions of an Accountant

Types of Accounting

Glossary of Financial Terms

Accounting Concepts

The Main Accountancy Reports

Analysis and Interpretation of Accounts

Depreciation of Fixed Assets



Business Plan- Reasons for/ Preparation

Writing a Business Plan- Detailed Analysis

Goal Setting in Business

Personal Budgeting

Do you want to be rich or poor in the future?  Personal Financial Planning Fundamentals

Financial Management Planning

Personal Planning for Business People

Ten Step Strategic Plan

Creating Cash Flow Projections

Seven Steps to Personal Financial Failure



Key Points for Starting a Business

Eight Steps to Starting A Business

Looking at Buying a Business- How Do I Decide which is the Right One?

Creating a Successful Market Niche

Business Strategy- a Choice of Three

24 Low Cost Ways to Market your New or Existing Business

Buying and Selling a Business-  Determining its Value

Buying a Business- Due Diligence

Choosing a Business Name

How Much is a Business Worth?

The First Steps After You Buy the Business

Writing a Business Plan- Detailed Analysis

Starting in Business- Basic Tax Obligations

Business Legal Structures

Comparison between Sole Trader, Partnership and Company

Sole Trader Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Partnership Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Company Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Buying a Business- Advantages/ Disadvantages/ What to Look for

You are an Investor- Are you in Business?

Is Your Activity a Business or Hobby?

Obtaining a Business Loan- Key Steps

Borrowing Money

Creative ways to Finance a Business Purchase

Revolving Credit- Hidden Costs

Venture Capital

Goodwill and its Valuation

Insurance Matters- Is Your Business at Risk?

What you Need to Know about Record Keeping

Finding Customers

Setting Prices

Setting Up an Office



Company Incorporation

Company Business Structure- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Comparison between Sole Trader, Partnership and Company

The Companies Act 1993- a Summary

Liquidation of a Company



A Consumers Guide to Buying a Franchise

Franchising Basics

Franchising- Advantages/ Disadvantages

Pros and Cons of Starting a Franchise

Buying a Franchise- What you should consider

Finding the Perfect Franchise Opportunity

The Franchise Agreement

Evaluating a Franchise Agreement 

Fifteen Questions to Ask before Choosing a Franchise

Typical Franchise Fees



Are you an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship Examination of three New Zealanders to establish significant characteristics of Entreprenuerial Behaviour

Goal Setting in Business

Whats Profit and How to Improve it?

Watching your Profit (Checklist)

Seven Steps to Business Success

Ten Mistakes that Reduce Profitability

Business Skills and Management- how to be Pointed towards Profit

Financial Management

Non-Chargeable Time and Factoring it into Your Fees

Ten Tips for Winning Sales

Personal Budgeting

Pricing your Product or Service

Small Business Debt Strategies

Do you want to be rich or poor in the future?  Personal Financial Planning Fundamentals

Revolving Credit- Hidden Costs

Family Trusts


Business Plan- Reasons for/ Preparation

Financial Management Planning

Personal Planning for Business People

Smart P.C. Buying

Reasons for Business Failures

Qualities Required of a Successful Business Person

Improving Cashflow

Selling the Business- Preparation/ Closing the Deal


Cutting Costs in Your Business

Are you Making Any of these 10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes?

43 Ideas to Promote Your Business

ACC- Glossary of ACC Terms

Ceasing Business- Advising ACC Corporation

Valuing your Business

Getting a Top Price for Your Business






ESCT Tax on KiwiSaver Employer Contributions from 1/4/2012

Changes to KiwiSaver from 1 April 2009

Tax Changes for Charitable Giving

New Ways to Get an IRD Number

Do you need to file an IR3 Income Tax Return?

GST and Provisional Tax Returns, GST Methods and Due Dates, GST Late Filing Penalties



Obtaining a Business Loan- Key Steps

Borrowing Money

Creative ways to Finance a Business Purchase

Venture Capital



Residential Rental Property- Features and Taxation

The Four Ways to make Profits in Property

To Invest in Commercial or Residential Property?

Property Development

Rental Property Income

Typical Property Investment Structures

What is an LAQC?

Beating a Housing Bubble

Taxation Requirements and Keeping of Financial Records for Rental Properties


Obtaining a Business Loan- Key Steps

Building up Wealth through Investing in Property 

Fixed or Floating Mortgages?

Principal and Interest Debt or Interest Only?

Negative Gearing

Rental, Capital and Total Yields

Capital Growth vs Rental Return

12 Steps to Save on Your Mortgage

Taxation on Land Transactions

The In's and Out's of Buying a Home at Auction

Obligations of a Landlord 

Obligations of a Tenant 

Selecting a Property Manager 



About Tax Agency

Current Tax Rates

No more IR5 Tax Returns for Non Business Taxpayers  but do they have to file Income Tax Returns


Goods and Service Tax- The Basics and Some Suggestions

Goods and Service Tax- The Various Basis's and How to Change a Basis

GST- Zero-Rated and Exempt Supplies

GST- Second Hand Goods

GST- Cancelling Registration

GST- Changing filing frequency

Provisional Tax- What it is and How does it Work

Expenses you can claim if you work from home

To Lease or Own

Legal Expenses- Deductible/ Nondeductible

Motor Vehicle Expenses- Deductibility/ Keeping  LogBook

Entertainment Expenses

Partnerships- Allocation of Profits

Tax Audits

Keeping of Records

IRD Penalties and Interest


Debt Options- if you are unable to pay IRD debts

New Zealand Tax Residence

Bankruptcy- Tax Position


If you Disagree with an IRD Assessment

Direct Selling- Commission Agent, Independent Reseller or Employee?- Tax Ramnifications


Imputation System

Rebates for Donations, Rebates and Childcare Costs

Donations Rebate threshold changed to $1890 from the 2002-2003 Income Year

Family Support

Paying Family Tax Credit to the Principal Child Carer from the 2003-2004 Income year

Family Assistance increases from 1/4/2005

New Rules for Taxpayer Financial Relief from 1 December 2002

Tax Rates for the 2002/2003 Year

Tax Rates for the 2004/2005 Year

Changes to Late Filing Penalties from 1 April 2002

Tax on Minor Beneficiaries in Family Trust

Claim your Rebates !!!!!

Changes to the Rebate Claim Process for Childcare and Housekeeper Rebate from year ended 31 March 2003

Back Claiming of Rebates

2004 National Standard Costs for Specified Livestock

2003 National Average Market Values of Specified Livestock

Paid Parental Leave

Tax Calendar April 2002- March 2003

Cutting Costs in your Business

Tax Audits- What is IRD Finding?

Valuation of small amounts of Trading Stock from the 2002-2003 Income Year

Double Taxation of some Investments in Australian and New Companies- Changes from May 2003



ACC- Things to Advise them About

Changes to ACC Residual Claim Levy Classification applicable to Partners Profit Sharing from 1 April 2001

Comparison ACC CoverPlus Extra and ACC CoverPlus

ACC CoverPlus Extra

ACC Time Out for Earners

ACC moves to Single Billing from 1 April 2002



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